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Self Care Kits for Bereaved Parents during Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020

2020 has been such an unprecedented year. I had to take time out to support our family through Covid19 and the national lock down but as with every year Baby Loss Awareness Week is a time where the loss community can come together and raise awareness, whilst actually been seen by, the wider world.

Over the past few years my efforts for BLAW have always focused on the importance of Self Care and acknowledging the emotional effort that such a huge event takes on bereaved parents. Last year I was able to do a daily giveaway of one large self care kit for a family to win. It was so lovely knowing that I could help a family and brighten their week in some small way but it also made me want to give something to everyone that entered.

Last year The Greatworth Golf Society chose Our Missing Peace as their charity for the year, which was so lovely to see and be part of. I was asked what this money would go to and it was then I knew that I could help more people and bring a small amount of happy to their world during BLAW 2020.

And here we are!

I have been able to put together 100 larger self care kits and a further 100 self care kits for bereaved parents to access, for FREE, during BLAW 2020.

My hope is that this is the beginning of something special for every year but for now 2020 definitely feels the right year to share a moment of care.

Self Care Kits for Bereaved Parents during Baby Loss Awareness Week

The recommend retail price is £10.99 with postage on top but thanks to donations we can give these away for FREE!

However if you would like to make a donation for the postage/cost then please click here

Kit contents:

Our Missing Peace Mug, hand made chocolate – donated in memory of Tilly

1 x Spacemask, 3 x custom made wax melts by Wilds Eco, 2 x Pukka Tea, Love Hearts and an inspiration card by Foiled by Design.