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Hi, it’s me again!

Hi, it’s me! A few of you may have forgotten who I am, it’s been that long since we shared a post here haha. I haven’t been updating the page as much as I would have liked to as 2019 was busy, hectic, testing. But there has been laughter, happiness and so much love.

A constant paradox. The paradox of grief – living with the conflicting emotions is difficult.

2019 marked Ben’s 7th birthday; then his seven year anniversary. Since Ben died we have been rebuilding our lives as a family, and 2019 saw us up ship and move across the country. It was the first year we have been back in Scotland – the place Ben died – on the date of his anniversary. It hit harder than I think I expected it to. But I got on … as we do.  I guess you could say I ‘have a handle’ on my grief now; I know when to expect it, and I know to allow it.

What a year it turned out to be!

Our Missing Peace was founded primarily to provide a community – to allow people, regardless of the age or gestation of their child; regardless of rhyme or reason – to unite in grief (and love). I understand how isolating losing a child can be. Family and friends can often drift away, relationships can become tense or end, and in-person support groups seem to be few and far between.

The aim for us was to provide a constant.

One thing that has never ceased to fail me is the continued support for Our Missing Peace. The past year has seen the community come out in force to fundraise for the charity, allowing us to continue providing much needed support to those who require it. I will share more about these fantastic efforts over the next few weeks.

I can’t wait to share with you the amazing support we have had this year, and what a difference it has and will make to people who need it the most.