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Since gaining charity status we have been able to set our own Just Giving Page up.

This has been a fantastic move forward and has allowed people to fundraise for Our Missing Peace. We have had our first Marathon Runner, Matt Russell, who is running in memory of his friend’s little boy, James Joy Houghton.

A dear friend, Kathryn Lewis, was all set to swim a nautical mile but unfortunate sustained an injury. We wish her a speedy recovery and thank her for continued support, she’s believed in me since this was all just an idea I had.

We also have had the amazing response to Zara’s memorial page. Sadly, Zara was taken far too soon earlier this year. We were able to provide immediate support for her family and badges were able to be at Zara’s family, something which I know offered much comfort to them all. The ongoing fundraising is something which has blown us away and now allows us to move forward with an idea which we only thought would be possible in future years.