Self Care Kit – Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020


    A Self Care Kit for Bereaved Parents to take a moment for themselves during Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020.


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    Are you someone who sacrifices your self care? Do you find it difficult to focus on yourself, even if just for a moment?

    Over the last few years I’ve come to learn how important self care is in healing – learning not to punish myself, giving myself time and space to process my grief and how to cope with it on a day to day basis.

    This year during BLAW we want to focus on that aspect for other parents, and have created (with thanks to some incredible people) a self care kit. This is the second chance of getting a free self care kit, hopefully more should follow but these sold out with 4 hours last time so don’t miss your opportunity!

    The recommend retail price is £8.99 with postage on top but thanks to donations we can give these away for FREE!

    However if you would like to make a donation for the postage/cost then please click here

    Kit contents:

    Our Missing Peace pen, an Avon Pillow Mist kindly donated by Elsie’s Moon Charity, a bag of sweets from Little Gems Sweetie Cakes

    1 x Spacemask, 3 x custom made wax melts by Wilds Eco, 2 x Pukka Tea and an inspiration card by Foiled by Design.

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