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Scottish Cot Death Trust Afternoon Tea

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I was invited to speak at the annual Scottish Cot Death Afternoon Tea. It was a beautiful afternoon filled with fun games and positivity. I spoke about how Scottish Cot Death Trust had supported our family after Ben died and had now become a great support to the campaign.

Another mum, Dawn Barclay, talked about their Next Infant Support services and her own personal cause of Ferns Fight.

Dawn is working on first aid training for parents and the choice of a sensor mat rather than the baby box scheme in Scotland. To follow her own story, click here.

Another project that I have been collaborating with the Scottish Cot Death Trust is the International Conference on SIDS, Stillbirth and Baby Survival 2018. I have been asked to speak at the conference and in doing so I have been helping with the parental focus of the conference.

Scottish Cot Death Trust secured funding from the Big Lottery for a play that is being written by Lisa Nicoll especially for the Conference.

It is a very exciting process and journey and it will play a big part in 2018 for the campaign.