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Soul Tears

An important aim for Our Missing Peace is to help raise awareness of child loss – as a means to help bereaved parents feel less alone, and also to provide support for those who require it.

One of the incredible ways I was honoured to help do this in 2019 was by appearing on Zoe Clark-Coates show ‘Soul Tears’ on the 7th Feb … a show that explores stories of loss, grief and hope. Guests range from celebrities and singers, to business leaders and social media influencers. This was an opportunity I could not turn down, knowing that Zoe created this to help give hope to those who feel isolated and alone.

On set at Soul Tears

Seven years down the line and I like to think I have a good handle on my grief – I know when it’s coming, I know when to expect it, I know what to expect, I know how I’m going to feel and how to deal with those feelings in that moment. I also know that at the very beginning of my journey this wasn’t the case and how vital it was for me to see that other people were managing to move forward with their lives, though never letting go of the child they have lost.

Being invited onto Soul Tears gave me the opportunity to speak about Ben in an unfiltered way, and to also be that person for those in the very new stages of their journey; to offer hope that you can live again, laugh again and have your life grow around the grief, as opposed to grief becoming your life.

For a while it’s all consuming, there is nothing else you can think about. But slowly, over time, little bits of happiness start to creep in again and (against every judgement you ever had in the very beginning) you actually allow it.

I travelled to London for the day and spoke with Zoe about finding hope, happiness and laughter again after Ben dying in a tragic accident, and also how we’ve managed to create a life always remembering him, having moments and days just for him, but also allowing ourselves to be ‘just’ another family.

Because that’s what we are – a family. And we always will be, Ben included.

Soul Tears Set

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