There is an amazing community of Vilomah bloggers out there, a community that is welcoming and all-encompassing. I have tried to collage as many blogs as possible, and will continue to add them so that you can find each other with ease.

You are not alone and this page is testament to that!

After Arthur
A small beautiful life. The loss is great, but the love is greater. Written by Arthur and Emmeline’s Mummy.

After Evalyn
Life after loss. Written by Evalyn, Leuan and Lola’s Mummy.

After Otis
A focus on the rawness of grief: the deepest, darkest depths of the j. Written by Cora, Masie and Otis’s Mummy.

A Letter to Wren
Helping to process the conflicting emotions of becoming a mum that didn’t get to bring her baby home. Written by Wren’s Mummy.

An Unexpected Family Outing
Sharing her family’s journey through the unexpected. Written by Dorothy and Frances’s Mummy.

Being My Own Rainbow
Infertility, Babyloss, Parenting. Written by Rory, Henry and Toby’s Mummy.

Benjamin’s Light
A Journey of Hope After Stillbirth. Written by Benjamin’s Mummy.

Betty Dora
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Written by Archie, Vinnie and Betty’s Mummy.

Beyond The Roundabout
Finding my way after losing our girl. Written by Phoebe’s Mummy.

Callie’s Daddy
Trying to work out the new meaning of ‘ordinary’. Written by Callie and Etta’s Daddy.

Charlie’s Gift
Dealing with baby loss, rainbows and life without your child. Written by Charlie’s Mummy.

Chasing Dragonflies
Life following the sudden death of our child. Written by Abigail’s Mummy.

Chloe Louise Gibbons
Blogger, mom, future wife life. Written by Delilah’s Mummy.

Colours Of A Rainbow
Losing Violet Esme. Raising Awareness of Stillbirths & Recognising Sepsis Disease. Written by Violet Esme’s Mummy.

Daddy To A Rainbow & A Star
A Dad’s Take On Navigating Life and Parenting A Rainbow Baby After Loss. Written by Poppy and Reuben’s Daddy.

Doing It For George
Raising Awareness for George and for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Written by Eddie, Lizzie, Seb, Toby and George’s Daddy.

Eli Britton
I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living, My baby you’ll be. Written by Eli and Lucas’s Mummy.

Emma Hansen
Making the most of this one life we’ve been given and finding joy in the new normal of life after loss. Written by Reid and Everett’s Mummy.

Eternal Summer
Unifying parents and normalising the subject of baby loss. Written by Gracie and Summer’s Mummy.

Evelyn Katie Ward
I just want to share my daughter with the world. Written by Evelyn and Phoenix’s Mummy.

Five Little Doves
Raising awareness whilst raising rainbows. Written by Lewis, Eva, Megan, Harrison and Joseph’s Mummy.

Feathering The Empty Nest
Learning to navigate through life when the plan doesn’t go to plan. Written by Teddy’s Mummy.

For Francesca
Still Born but Forever Loved. Written by Francesca’s Mummy and Daddy.

Freckle Eye Fancy
Our journey and everything it encompasses: love, grief, travel, food, and life in general.. Written by Carter and Little Bean’s Mummy.

Frivolous Mamas
Sharing my life as I find my feet as a mum to two children, one who lives in my heart and one who lives in my arms. Written by Aneurin and Lilian’s Mummy.

From the Other Chair
Finding hope after loss and PND. Written by Orla and Esme’s Mummy.

Grief Poetry
Dealing with grief through poetry. Written by Azariah Nathan’s Mummy.

Hand Me Down Style
Blogging about life, clothes, faith and being a Mother to a son in heaven. Written by Abraham’s Mummy.

Hannah Pontillo
Trying To Navigate Life After Child Loss. Written by Dexy’s Mummy.

Holly’s Legacy
Navigating through life after loss and breaking the taboo of termination and stillbirth. Written by Eleni, Holly and Kobi’s Mummy.

Holly Megan
Mother to three beautiful children and one angel baby. Written by Lillie, Mark, Willow and Dhalia’s Mummy.

Hey World, It’s Henry!
Learning to parent my missing child. Written by Henry’s Mummy.

House Kiss
This is how I let a most unfortunate loss affect me, but not negatively. Written by Brad’s Daddy.

Jupiter for Jasper
Life after loss and trying to make sense of it all. Written by Bean and Jasper’s Mummy.

Life After Madelyn
Looking back at our daughter’s birth, the two short days she spent with us and where life has taken us since. Written by Noah, Oscar, Ellis and Madelyn’s Mummy

Little Bear & Us
Raising both of our children, one just a little more unconventionally than most. Written by Bear, Bunny and little Cub’s Mummy.

Looking For Stars
My journey of loss and hope after losing baby Max to stillbirth. Written by Max and Flynn’s Mummy.

Louise’s Little Corner
Parenting. Doodles. Living with Loss. Fundraising. Written by Jordan, Poppy and Gabriel’s Mummy

Love Amongst The Stars
From here to Kaspar: Looking for light after loss and finding love amongst the stars. Written by Kaspar’s Mummy and Daddy.

Luna’s Love & Life After Stillbirth
As I grieve through the letters of a keyboard, I share with you all our story. Written by Luna’s Mummy.

Mia’s Legacy
Using our daughters legacy to highlight the dangers and raise awareness of Group B Strep. Written by Mia’s Daddy.

Mothering A Rainbow
Life, Grief and Parenting After Loss. Written by Ellie and Jason’s Mummy.

Mummy In Training
Blogging through parenthood without the instruction manual. Written by Sam, Lydia and Heidi’s Mummy.

My Journey With Silver Rose
Parenting After Loss – My Story. Written by Beau and Silver Rose’s Mummy.

My Little Birdy Told Me
A real account of my baby loss journey. Written by Avery and Hudson’s Mummy.​

Navigating The Wilderness
Life after neonatal loss, navigating the wilderness, and building Norah’s legacy. Written by Norah’s Mummy and Daddy.

One Day of Winter
Blogging about my son who lived for just one day but changed my life for the better forever. Written by Winter and Raven’s Mummy.

One Missing Mum
Life. Loss. Parenthood. Written by Findlay, Leo and Elin’s Mummy

Our Sweet K
Everything is now divided into before and after. Written by Kenley, Alden and Rowan’s Mummy.

Pine Cones and Study Days
Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person. Written by Henry’s Daddy.

Robyn Young
Infertility, pregnancy, children. Written by a Mummy still waiting for her arms to be filled.

Shoebox of Memories
A Father’s perspective on stillbirth, grief and parenting after loss. Written by a Daddy of two stillborn twins and three rainbow children.

Something Rosier
We are in this together. From each other we learn. Written by Ezra, Buddy and Edith’s Mummy.

Storms and Rainbows
Our journey through the raw up’s and downs of trying to bring home a rainbow baby. Written by Guy’s Mummy.

Storm in a Tit Cup
Welcome to Cancer-Land….like DisneyLand only more deaths. Written by Noah, Tait and Ally’s Mummy.

Summer’s Gift
Our story about the most wanted little girl in the world ….. and how life can be so cruel. Written by Summer’s Mummy.

The Legacy Of Leo
A Bittersweet Motherhood, our journey through stillbirth, miscarriage and pregnancy after loss. Written by Leo and Eli’s Mummy.

This Is My Brave Face
Mummy to the Campbellina twins. One Survivor and One Star. Written by Charlotte and Esme’s Mummy.

The Uterus Monolouges
Life After Recurrent Miscarriage. Written by a Mummy to three stars in the sky.

Wading Through Shit
Becoming a mum. Navigating our life after loss. Waiting for our rainbow. Written by Dexter’s Mummy

Wild Flowers
Life after loss. Written by Violet and Jonah’s Mummy.