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The Big Rebrand!

Thank you to the incredible support of the people who attended Ben’s Birthday Gala, we were able to rebrand Our Missing Peace this year. We could not have done this without all of you and for that we are so thankful!

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Finding support and services after the death of a child – or any loved one for that matter – can be emotionally taxing and difficult to do. Our rebrand has also allowed us to make signposting for people a little easier; something that is so important when people are requiring support or guidance … the more accessible it is, the more accessed it is.

We aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ charity and, although we primarily focus on those who have lost a child (of any age, regardless of reason), we understand that grieving for anybody you lose in your life is a really difficult time. Our badges, bands and cards are suitable for anybody grieving for that reason.

The badge, window decal and bumper sticker all available in the shop

When people put on one of our badges, we want them to feel less alone – united in grief to anybody they see in the streets, or in the knowledge that thousands of people in similar shoes to their own are wearing the badges around the world. The same goes for our badges.

The classic Our Missing Peace badge available at the shop

Over the years we have seen a void in cards for those dealing with bereavement who wouldn’t really appreciate the age-old ‘traditional’ sympathy cards, this is especially prevalent in the world of baby, infant and child loss – where child death is seemingly still swept under the rug and ignored. This year has seen the creation of our own cards. They are empty, so up to the buyer’s choosing as to what is written within them. The cards don’t have to necessarily be a ‘sorry for your loss’ card, but we also have people buying them to offer support, to simply remember a loved one on an ordinary day, or to let someone grieving or going through a troubling time to let them know they aren’t alone.

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Our new OMP card, available at the shop

It’s so incredibly important in grief to not feel isolated and as though you’re the only person on the earth dealing with those feelings and emotions – they can be scary and overwhelming. Our rebranded merchandise shows people that they don’t have to walk this journey without people beside them, be that in real-life or digitally via our support network.