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The Butterfly Awards 2018

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I had the honour of being nominated for Awareness Advocate for this years Butterfly Awards.

Attending the awards is always a mixed bag of emotions. It’s so lovely to be recognised and in a room full of people all trying to change the world for the better. However it’s the one room in the world that no one wishes they were in!

The night gives everyone an opportunity to meet up and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. What was lovely this year was the chance to meet up with some many friends i have made over the past two years.

These people have become each others life lines and even though the content is quite somber we all prove that together we can smile and enjoy our children together.

I didn’t win my but so many of my friends did, to see Chris Binnie and Nicola Gaskin be celebrated for their work was one of the highlights of my evening. That and meeting the amazing Lou Conran, a comedian who talks bout her daughter Emma with humour and honesty.

Coming together at these events helps me realise that we are part of a massive movement and gives me strength to keep on going.